Architectual Columns!

In architecture, there are 5 types of columns.

My favorite is Doric. Doric columns are characterized by the way they are shaped. Doric Columns are made of a cylinder and what makes a Doric Column stand out is the base and peak of the cylinder are wider than the actual cylinder! Doric Columns as well as being my favorite columns are also the oldest and simplest!

Observe how the peak gets wider

My second favorite type of column is the Tuscan Column. Tuscan Columns are characterized by the base and top of the column. But the peak and base are different because they have alternating diameters!

Notice how the top of the column is skinnier than the base.

My third favorite type of columns are Ionic Columns! Ionic Columns are different from most other columns. They are there for mostly show. They look very nice and pretty and have a very nice design at the top of the column.

There are also two types of orders. The Cornthinian Order and the Composite Order. The Cornthinian Order was named after the Greek-city of Corinth. And the Composite Order gets it name from being a composite of the Ionic and Doric Order.